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The Lead Wolves - Bonus program for members of the pack

The Lead Wolves provides a unique bonus program for loyal members of the Pack, because being part of a Pack has its benefits. From each 1 you make on the platform, you will earn Wolf Points to get a higher rank in the Pack. 100 of revenue on our program  equals 1 wolf point. The more Wolf Points you earn, the higher your rank in the pack and the reward on each Wolf Point. All wolves start as a Pup and grow into mature Independent wolves, while some even make it into a Pack Leader: The Alpha.


The bonus program is calculated quarterly and payable after the closure of the quarter. The quarters are the following:

Month 1-3 (Jan-Mar), 4-6 (Apr-Jun), 7-9 (Jul-Sep), 10-12 (Oct-Dec).

The ranks

Alpha: The alpha of the pack is the Leader. He is the main one in control and sets the laws of his pack. 


Beta: The Beta is the second in command and enforces the law when the current alpha is not present. 


Assassin: This position is given only to a Changer. Assassin is the most fitting name for this rank because it is self-explanatory. They are also spies for the pack. 


Lead Warrior: The lead warrior takes his/her orders directly from the Alpha, and sometimes the Beta. They are the main leader, general, or captain of the warriors in the pack.


Warrior: They are the guardians and protectors of the pack. The warriors will roam the pack lands ensuring it's safety. They are the ones that will keep watch at night. The warriors must be quick to think and remain calm in any given situation.


Lead Hunter: The lead hunter is the one who leads the hunts. Whoever becomes a hunter must be quick to think as well.


Hunters: Every member of the pack hunts, but these are the main hunters. 


Lead Scout: The lead scout is the leader of the scouts. 


Scouts: The scouts are the scavengers of the pack. They will hunt small creatures and will help survey the land with the warriors.

Pups: Pups are the youngest wolves in the pack, and become trainees or earn a different rank when old enough or when the Alpha decides.


 Rank min. quarterly revenue           Min. Wolf Points       Min. earned bonus at this rank         Bonus per Wolf Point earned

Alpha:                        100.000                                          1000                                €2.500                                             2,50

Beta:                           50.000                                            500                                 1.000                                             2,0 

Assassin:                    25.000                                            250                                  437,50                                           1,75 

Lead Warrior:            12.500                                             125                                   187,50                                          1,50 

Warrior:                      7.500                                                75                                   93,75                                            1,25

Lead Hunter:             5.000                                               50                                    50                                                1,00 

Hunter:                       3.000                                               30                                    22,50                                           0,75

Lead Scout:               2.000                                               20                                    10                                                 0,50 

Scout:                         1.500                                                15                                    3,75                                               0,25 

Pup:                        0 - 1.499                                             -                                          -                                                    -


Earn extra Wolf points by specific actions, stay tuned on our newsletters and social channels!

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